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faithIt all started in 2011. It began with my move to California, all by my lonesome, a state where I didn’t know one single person. Since then, each major decision I made was a decision based on faith. Whether it was job related, financial investments, personal disclosure and trust in others, moving, or just trying something new in general; all decisions were made based on faith. I am a very nervous person in general. I get nervous about every little thing in life. I’m always trying to think 10 steps ahead, weigh out my options, and analyze the worst-case scenario. In some ways these seem like good things, but sometimes what it really translates to is worry. The worry or fear of unknown outcomes that are, most of the time, out of my control. When I made the decision to move to California I simultaneously made the decision to silence the worries and the fears. My life wasn’t horrible but I wasn’t satisfied with my life the way it was. It just wasn’t working for me. So I had two decisions: continue living a life that wasn’t working for me, bound and confined by my fear of what if’s or make the move towards change with the faith that it would all work out. Once I made it to California and had all my worries laid to rest, I felt like I could exhale. It gave me the proof and courage I needed to rely on my faith more and more, and so I did. The more I pray and meditate and move closer to the unknowns, equipped with faith that everything will be fine, the more it usually is.

I’m writing this post because I see so many people lacking faith in life. I know it may sound corny or cliché but I just wish everyone would just try a little faith, just a little. I know it would change your life drastically. I talk to friends and family in different situations. Some have health challenges, some have jobs they hate, and others have aspirations they haven’t even tried to reach. The thing that kills me in most of these situations is that most of these people are religious people. They say they believe in some type of God, regardless of whose God it may be. I’m not saying people should act hastily or not think things through, but if whatever you’ve been doing the last 5-10 years isn’t working, why not try something different? If the medicines the doctors have been prescribing you aren’t healing you, why not try a different way and step into the faith of the healing powers of your God? If you hate your job, why do you keep going day in and day out, year after year? You’re afraid to quit because you won’t be able to support yourself. That’s understandable. Why not step out on faith and start learning a new trade, something you actually like? Maybe you have aspirations to be a singer or open your own business. What are you waiting for? Faith is something to be practiced today and every day. Who actually says, “Oh today is not a good time for me to start having faith. Maybe I’ll give faith a try next year”?

Not only are we afraid to take leaps of faith to move forward, negativity is so dominant in our lives that we don’t even have faith in our current situations. So you’re not ready to try anything different. You’re too afraid. Then why not have faith that your current situation could turn around? How can you believe in a higher power and not believe in miracles, healing, favor, and good fortune? Where is your faith in the God you claim? Where is your faith in the universe? Where is your faith in you? I leave you with one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs (I have so many), “Keep the Faith”. Who knows, maybe his message (whether directly or indirectly related) will stir up the faith in you.