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nice guys

When I asked for blog suggestions, one of my male friends suggested this topic. I told him I’d have to do some research because I didn’t have an answer. I didn’t even realize that women are leery of good guys. So now I turn to you, my readers. Why are women leery of good guys? Is it because they’ve been hurt in the past by so-called “good guys”? Is it because they seem too good to be true? Perhaps these women are so used to failed relationships or meeting the wrong types of guys that when they meet a good one they’re just looking for that fatal flaw or waiting for him to reveal his true self. Or is it that women are not leery at all? Maybe good guys just aren’t exciting enough for them. I’ve seen it before. A woman has a good guy in her life, willing to do all the right things that go into treating a lady like a lady. But for some reason she’s just not interested. She rather go after, or stick with, the guy who treats her like crap. The guy who is disrespectful or the guy who lies and cheats or the guy who is just a flat out bum seems to reap more benefits. I touched on this a little bit in my post Laws of Attraction. Maybe some women subconsciously desire and enjoy being mistreated by men. Or is it simply just the laws of nature that nice guys finish last? You tell me.