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*Update: I was finally able to figure out what I did wrong with this video. It was bugging the crap out of me. So here it is two months later (oh well) 🙂 :

Usually I like to finish off the month with a video where I recite my poetry. I just spent the past 36 hours recording, editing, losing, recovering, and trying to upload my video with no success. All my hard work down the drain…oh well. I can’t sit and dwell so here’s the next best thing. Below is the poem I wrote to close out this month’s topic of Single Ladies.

“Before I Settle Down”

Before I settle down…

Let me

Finish finding myself

Create my own idea of wealth

Solve this complicated equation of ME

Recognize my internal beauty

Uncover my heart’s true desires

Ignite my passions, light my fire

Get in tune with my spirit and soul

Mend this broken heart back to whole

Understand my privilege

Of living life so…let me live it

Before I settle down…

Can I

Window shop a little more

Make returns at love’s candy store

Float on cloud nine by way of trees

Shoot for the stars, stab at my dreams

Go a little insane

Conquer life’s game

Shop for shoes, treat myself

Nurse my psyche back to health

Learn something new, learn something useful

Like tricks of a trade so…can I allow me to do so?

Before I settle down…

I must

Work out some of these kinks

Allow myself this time to think

Get this body in tiptop shape

Flounder around in my mistakes

Keep a home, cook and clean

Calm my temper blow off steam

Drop dead weight, shed some layers

Solidify my team, pick my players

Press the clutch, get out of first gear

Assassinate and…I must murder my fears

Before I settle down…

I will

Earn my degree in the field of living

Master techniques of selfless giving

Explore until I get tired

Spark short fused and cross-wired

Dibble and dabble in whatever I please

Fall a few times, scrape my knees

Bounce back just like elastic

Recover from hurt and move past it

Hydrate my character and replenish

After all these things…I will settle down when I’m finished