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I know I’ve been saying I have a book coming out for about two years now. The book was written two years ago when I first started mentioning it, but I just kept making more and more changes to it. Adding, deleting, editing, re-editing (times 10 lol). I guess that was just the perfectionist in me.

One thing I have learned during this process is not to mention to anyone that I’m writing a book until it’s actually ready lol. You live and you learn. I have learned a lot during this process, and I enjoyed each and every challenge. I would like to thank my family, friends, and supporters for all of your words of encouragement. Thank you in advance for your support.

The wait is over! Two Way Mirrors is finally here and it’s available for purchase right now! Following are the different links where you can purchase your copy:


A Drop of Jewel

Think Into Existence Ink



Twenty-five year old Angela Delimar seems to be living a normal, comfortable life – a double life that is. She has a secure job as an Account Manager at B.I.G. Insurance by day and tends bar at a dinky strip club by night. Her beauty is unquestionable. She’s wooed by many including her gym buddy, Officer “Rock” Johnson and club patron Gordon Hopkins. However, her convict boyfriend, Cal, is the man of her dreams and capturer of her heart. They would do anything for each other, and they do – even at the risk of their freedom. She even has two sets of friends: the club crew and May and Cherlise, her close and oldest friends.

But when Angela begins to get stalked, witnesses a murder, and her mother dies her two worlds come colliding together. The sequence of events that follow reveals that no one in her life is who they seem to be. When danger comes knocking on her door from all directions, will becoming too close with the club crew cost her everything and will Cal’s devotion go too far?


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Taken From Chapter 12

I wasn’t sure how it was going to be hanging out with her outside of work, but I actually enjoyed our conversation as we rode to the club. Jillian was cool, real down to earth. She had nice things, but she wasn’t showy about it. She was generous too. Once we got to the club, she insisted on buying the drinks. The spot was nice. The lights were low and the décor very laid back. It gave a very sexy, sultry type of ambiance.

She introduced me to her friend that was hosting. She seemed nice enough, and she looked a little butch. Actually, she looked a lot butch. Her hair was cut like a man’s, and she was dressed like a man in hard bottoms, jeans, and a crisp black button-up. She looked like she was probably an attractive lady at one point.

That didn’t matter to me. The music was good, so I was ready to hit the dance floor. As we danced, I noticed no guys had tried to dance with us yet. That’s when I took a good look around. There actually weren’t too many guys there period. There were maybe ten or fifteen throughout the whole club of about a hundred people. I would say at least five of those guys were employees.

“Jilli, where the hell are all the dudes?” I asked looking confused.

“You got me!” she said then spun around and continued to dance. She was enjoying herself. She didn’t seem to care that there wasn’t too much eye candy. I didn’t really care either. As long as the music was good, I was good.

I danced until the muscles in my legs began to hurt, and Jillian kept the drinks coming. All of a sudden, I felt someone squeeze my butt firmly. I spun around with the quickness, ready to smack whatever dude thought he could just grab my ass like that. To my surprise, it was a woman! It caught me off guard. “What the hell is your problem? You tryna get fucked up?” I said feeling violated. Before she could respond, Jillian got between us and started arguing with the chick.

“My bad, I didn’t know she was with you.” The woman said and backed away with her hands up in the air in the stick up position.

“Are you okay?” Jillian asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I don’t know what the hell that was all about!” I said, still confused.

“Don’t worry about it. She’s obviously drunk out her mind.” She said, trying to calm me down.

I didn’t drink anymore after that, and as my buzz wore off, I started to look around the club. That’s when I noticed. The few men that were there were there with a chick. Other than that, it was a club full of females. Women were grinding on each other on the dance floor. I even saw a female couple huddled in the corner with one woman sitting on the other’s lap. It was like the needle scratched the record in my head, “This broad done brought me to a lesbian club! What the hell?”

Taken From Chapter 9

The girls wouldn’t tell me no matter how much I begged. So I got up to go to the bathroom. On my way back from the bathroom, I glanced towards the front door and who did I see? It was the mysterious lady again. “What the fuck? How the hell is she everywhere I go?” I thought to myself. This time she wasn’t alone. She was there with a man and a young girl. The girl looked just like the lady and looked as though she could have been around fifteen or sixteen. The way the man stood close to the mystery woman told me it must’ve been her husband or boyfriend.

She hadn’t spotted me yet, meaning it must’ve actually been coincidence this time. For once, she wasn’t following me on purpose it seemed. I wasn’t letting her get away this time, though. I walked right past our booth as I heard Keisha say, “Angie where you goin’?” I was just about ten feet away before the lady spotted me. Her eyes grew wide as she whispered something to the man and nodded in my direction. Now, seeing her up close, I could get a good look. She looked a little older without the hood tied around her face, but I knew it was the same woman.

I walked right up to her and said, “Hey! Who the hell are you and why do you keep following me?” The man stood between us as she hurried to usher the young girl out of the IHOP. I could hear the girl asking who I was. The man restrained me as though he was her bodyguard. “And who the hell are you? Take your hands off me! You tell that bitch to stop fucking stalking me!”

The man spoke in a hushed voice “Look miss, we don’t know you. Please just leave us alone.”

“Leave you alone? I’m not the weirdo lurking around every corner. Tell that weirdo to leave me alone! How ‘bout that!”

Just as the man let go, shots rang out, startling us both. POP! POP! POP! POP! They sounded close by, but I couldn’t tell where they were coming from. I just knew they were coming fast. The man grabbed me and pulled me to the floor. I covered my ears and buried my head down into my chest. Panic shot through my heart as I listened to the gunfire. It was coming from two different directions now. I heard the glass shatter right above where I was laying. I peeked up for a second to see people running and screaming in different directions, but I was too scared to get up.

Taken From Chapter 4

I smiled as soon as I awoke. I was always excited to see Cal. I was like a little kid on Christmas morning. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. Even though I was excited, I was always extra nervous when I knew I was bringing something in. Anything could go wrong. The dogs could be there. One of the loons could slip out or the C.O. might feel them during the pat down. I could get caught passing the loons off to Cal, anything. He always tried to reassure me that nothing would go wrong, but I knew he couldn’t know that for sure.

I sat on the toilet for a while. I always got diarrhea from the nerves. Nothing came out though, so I got showered and dressed. I pinned one side of my hair up like I had the night before and sprayed some oil sheen in it. I looked good. I hooked up some grits, a beef sausage, and a scrambled egg. I washed that down with some orange juice. After eating breakfast, I carefully lined the loons up inside my pants again, checked my purse to make sure I had my I.D., and tossed in the bag of leftover tokens I had from the last visit. The tokens were to buy Cal some snacks from the vending machines during the visit. He usually never wanted anything, but I always brought them just in case either of us got hungry.

Just as I was about to head to the door to put on my boots, I felt my stomach bubble. Just like clockwork, the nervous diarrhea kicked in. It never failed. I would always try to go before I got in the shower, but it always waited until I was good and ready to walk out the door to come out. Dammit! I didn’t want to be running late, but there was no way I was about to hold in diarrhea for the next three hours.

I sat back on the toilet and did my duty. It came pouring and plopping out my ass like juice. It smelled something awful too, like somebody crawled up inside me and died. I pushed out loud, long farts. Some sounded like machine guns and some like shotguns. I hoped all the gas was out, so I wouldn’t have to sneak any silent assassins out in front of Cal. It felt like I was wiping for days. I looked at each wad of toilet paper with no end in sight and my suspicions were confirmed. I had mud butt. I used a couple of baby wipes to freshen up since there definitely was no time to jump back in the shower.

I had to get a move-on. Time was ticking and I definitely didn’t want to be late because those bitch C.O.’s would definitely turn me away. I farted in the car the whole way there. I let it rip so much and so hard, I thought I was sure to burn a hole right through the seat of my pants. I cracked the windows even though it was freezing outside. I lifted my butt from the seat and wiggled around a little to air out my jeans. I didn’t want the fart smells to settle in my clothes.

As I mentioned earlier, going forward I will be switching up the different topics that I discuss. In addition to my other random posts, this month I will be sharing excerpts from my upcoming novel, “Two-way Mirrors”. Stay tuned for the release!

Taken From Chapter 2

It was winter, and it felt and showed outside. The baseboard heat in my place wasn’t doing the best job. I didn’t want to get up as I snuggled into my blankets in the fetal position. Eventually, I decided that since I was up and it was still early, I would head to the gym. I knew it might be crowded because a lot of people liked to work out on Saturday mornings. I hoped the cold weather would keep them home though.

It was a slow drive there even though it wasn’t that far from my apartment. Black ice and snow banks lined the streets of Newark from the snowfall days before. I could hear the slush against my tires as I tread carefully along my way. I felt bad for the few people that I saw waiting for the bus on days like these, bundled up, cold with their snow boots on, trying not to slip and fall on sidewalks.

Once at the gym, I tied on my paisley grey bandana, got my bottle of water, plugged in my headphones, wiped down the elliptical machine, and went to work. I always loved to work out to the beat of the music. After about fifteen minutes, I closed my eyes as I felt my heart start to speed up. Sweat dripped down my forehead, and I started to breathe out loud through my mouth. As I switched my step to work the elliptical in reverse, I reached down to my waist, where I had my mp3 player clipped, and turned up the music. Eyes still closed, I felt my thighs tightening up as I continued working the machine with my arms and legs.

Have you ever had that feeling someone was watching you? I grabbed my towel from the holder, still working the elliptical with just my legs. I dabbed around my eyes before opening them, and there she was again! I looked in the full-length wall mirrors in front of me. In the reflection, a short, pudgy, dark skinned woman dressed in an all black sweat suit was standing near the door, staring at me. She wore her hoodie tightly secured around her head and face with the drawstrings pulled. Her long bangs were all that peeked through the hood. They fell just to her eyes. Still, I could tell it was her.

This was my third time seeing this woman recently. She didn’t seem threatening, but it did make me uneasy to think she was possibly following me. She seemed curious more than anything, curious about me. Now that I saw her again and she was staring at me, I knew it couldn’t be coincidence. First the grocery store, then the bowling alley, and now she was at the gym. Newark, New Jersey isn’t a huge city but it’s not small either. So what were the odds of me continuously running into this woman? She looked young, like she could be in her early or mid thirties, not a bad-looking woman.

Just then, her eyes met mine in the mirror. I hopped off the machine ready to confront her. As I spun around to walk across the floor, she disappeared around the corner of the doorway. I quickened my pace through the rows of stationary bicycles to a slight jog until I reached the doorway. I peeked my head out and looked left, then right. She was gone just like that. I shrugged it off and turned back around.


Startled, I jumped. “Rock, you scared the shit outta me!” I exclaimed through a nervous chuckle.

“Now, what’s a pretty lil’ lady like yourself doing using that type of ugly language?” Rock replied with a wide grin on his face.