5 Benefits of Celibacy: For Women

Posted: November 7, 2013 in Sex
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I know I’ve talked about sex a sprinkle here and there but I’ve never talked about not having sex. There have been several times in my life where I abstained from having sex, sometimes lasting for years at a time. I have to say, in all honesty, it is a wonderful feeling. I mean of course you have those moments when you feel frisky but once that passes, it really is a beautiful thing. Most people tie celibacy into religious vows or promises, but there are other reasons to experience celibacy outside of religion.

Redirection of energy: There’s a large amount of energy that goes into having sex. I’m not just speaking on physical terms. There is a lust energy and sometimes a guilt energy if you’re having sex under circumstances that you’re uncomfortable or unsure about. So when you go without sex, it gives you a chance to transform that energy into something else and direct to other areas of your life. For me, I find I’m way more focused on my life’s goals during times that I’m celibate. I take that pent up energy and direct it all into manifesting my dreams into reality. I also put it into working out, which I hate.

Frees mental space and allows you to see clearly: I don’t know about you, but when I have sex and it’s good sex, I think about it. I think about how great it was and I think about doing it again, especially if it’s with someone new. A lot of people think celibacy is just about the physical part of withdrawing from sex but it’s really about withdrawing from sex on all levels. When you’re having sex regularly, you think about it more often. When you stop, you don’t think about it as much. Therefore, it frees up some of that mental space to allow you think and meditate on other things of importance. It also allows you to really see the person(s) you may be dating. Often when you’re in a sexual relationship with someone, and it’s good, you’re blinded to other things about that person or about your relationship with that person. You may talk yourself into believing you have things in common with someone you really don’t or you may make excuses about things that would normally bother you about that person. When you remove sex, it allows you to really get to know that person and see them for the person they truly are a lot quicker.

Discover your body: I swear I learn something new about my body each time I withdraw from sex for long periods of time. And it’s always something awesome and something I can use to better my sex life when I do return to having a sexual relationship. Spending time with yourself sexually is no different than taking time to yourself to think or having a “me day”. It’s all about time to yourself to learn more about yourself. This part of yourself just happens to be your body.

Snap back and cleanse: People may not know this or believe this or perhaps never thought about it but whenever you have sex with someone, you exchange spiritual DNA. I’m not talking about physical body fluids. There is a part of that person’s sexual spirit and energy left in you. Whether you believe it or not, spirits have the ability to manifest and transform into other things. So if the last person you had sex with is a person you regret, you need time to have their energy cleansed from you. On the physical side, you need time to let your sexual organs snap back. I don’t know how else to put it, but nobody likes a loosey goosey :). So when you take long breaks it gives your vaginal canal and walls time to contract back to its original state. That way the next person you’re intimate with doesn’t feel like he’s having sex with a hallway lol.

Buildup: This might just be the best part, okay maybe 2nd to redirection of energy. Think of it this way. What is your favorite food? Now think about eating that every single day, maybe sometimes twice a day. After while wouldn’t you get kind of tired of it? But if you only eat it every now and then, when you taste it it’s like having it for the first time. You may almost forget how good it tastes, but when you finally do it’s like heaven. Sex after long periods of celibacy is the same way. It feels great! Because it hasn’t become a daily or weekly monotonous routine, it almost feels like a brand new experience – for you and for him. I remember making bottle rockets in this forensic science class I took in college once. We had to keep packing and packing the rocket with gun powder all the way to the brim to make sure there was enough to blast it from the ground. It’s just like that. It’s as though you’ve packed and packed and packed your body with an enormous amount of sexual energy. When it’s time for blast off…well I think you get it :).


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