Suppose the Spirit of a Loved One Returned in Human Form?

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Uncategorized, What would you do?
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Two things happened recently to make me think of this topic. One, I watched this scary movie on Netflix called “6 Souls”. I hate to spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it but basically it was about a man who posed as a reverend in the early 1900s; I think it was. He was acting as a reverend but in reality he was a non-believer. The town witch doctor (for lack of better words) found out and killed him then sucked his soul out, releasing it into the air. Somehow he still remained living through sucking out the souls of other people over the years. He would then take on their personalities but he still remained in his own physical body.

The second thing that happened to make me think of this topic was my recent encounter with a homeless lady. I went to a restaurant and while I waited for a friend, I went in to get change for the parking meter. This woman was in a wheelchair, unkept, and her nails and clothes were filthy but there was something about her. I can’t quite put it into words. She was waiting for her food. She smiled at me and I smiled back and asked her how she was. You would have thought no one had ever spoken to her before. Her smile widened and she just started talking to me. It was like she was excited to see me, like she knew me, like we were old friends. She didn’t ask me for anything, she just seemed extra thrilled I was talking to her. In fact, when I asked the cashier for the change for the parking meter, she enthusiastically offered me her change. I felt really comfortable talking to her too. It was like we were kindred spirits. I’ve talked to plenty of homeless people before when I used to volunteer regularly, but this was different.

This brings me to my topic. What if the spirits of our loved ones who have passed before us came back in human form? It may only be for a brief visit, just to check up on us or interact with us. What if that bum who asked you for some spare change in passing was really your old Uncle So and so? What if that strange lady on the subway who struck up a conversation with you, and who you never saw since, was really your grandmother? I know we all have our own ideas of what happens in the afterlife but the fact is that none of us can possibly know for certain unless we’ve died before. So can something like this be ruled out as a possibility? The next time a stranger tries to make small talk with you, whether they are asking for directions or talking about the weather, how will you respond? I bet a lot of us wouldn’t be so quick to brush strangers off if we thought they could possibly be housing the spirit of a loved one.

  1. Spring Lee says:

    I enjoyed , I believe that there are kindred sprites all around us every day we just don’t take the time in our busy lives to notice them, when in fact, God is always sending us signs and we still ignore them.keep on doing what you do Jewel, because God has his power all over you, God Bless, love U, aunt Spring.

  2. YBF says:

    Whether this is possible or not; the thought or possibility to have another chance to interact or speak again with a deceased family member or loved one is truly a beautiful thought! Whether we recognize them of not. “Entertaining Angels – Unaware”

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