What Would You Do: If Enslavement of Blacks Was Legalized Tomorrow?

Posted: July 18, 2013 in What would you do?
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slave2Normally I don’t get caught up in the hype. I’m not usually a bandwagon person. However, I have to admit, the verdict in the Zimmerman trial struck a nerve in me like I’ve never felt before. I still can’t quite put my finger on it, but I think it’s because of everyone’s reaction. True colors were really shown. I even found myself having emotional outbursts, venting my frustrations on Facebook like others. I understand that the ground is split on whether this case had anything to do with race or not. Whether you believe it did or didn’t, you can’t deny the fact that it certainly stirred up a lot of racial tension. As I watched the news online, anchors going at it, people online going at it, and so on, it triggered a lot of deep thoughts for me.

I’ve seen posts on Facebook where people are deleting “friends” because they now view them as racist based on their comments regarding the case. The posts I’m seeing most are about technicalities and the law; the law, the law, the law. This is where my train of thoughts has landed and sort of dwelled the past few days. I’m looking at how this one case is tearing so many people apart. You think you know a person, then something like this forces their hand and they say things you’ve never would’ve imagined. So I ask, what if we woke up tomorrow and the slavery of black people was legal? Suppose a law was passed across the country where blacks were no longer allowed to be free? What would happen?

slaveTo the black people whose solution to the Zimmerman case was to hold peaceful rallies and pray about it, would you also hold peaceful rallies and pray if someone kicked down your door right now and shackled you up? To the black people whose solution was to riot, would you riot in your own little slave courters and tear up all of your stuff? To any of the people (black or other) who said this trial wasn’t about race, would you say the same and turn a blind eye once the law was announced that slavery of blacks was legal? To the black people whose answer was violence and to fight back, would you fight back against your slave master? Would you even be ready for that type of fight? Would you have an organized strategy ready or would you just go down, guns blazing like in some Al Pacino movie you’ve watched? To all the non-blacks so ready and willing to hold hands and stand alongside of blacks, ready to help, would you do the same if slavery became legal? Would you harbor a black runaway, knowing it was against the law, and you could be punished by said law?

By now, a lot of you may be saying, “What does one have to do with the other?” “That’s a dramatic comparison.” “That would never happen anyway.” Well, I’m not really making a comparison. All I’m saying is yesterday it was Emmett Till, today Trayvon Martin; we really can’t predict who or what will happen tomorrow. Can we? To anyone who thinks that it can’t happen in this day and age, you may want to think again. We, as black people, are a very trusting people for some reason. Despite how media portrays us, we are also a very peaceful people. Half of us are busy watching reality TV and shaking our booties to whatever mindless music is hot today. The other half of us are putting our every effort into being equal to and accepted by others, either wasting money on material possessions or running away from being black in any way we can. It is not until something tragic like this happens that we are snapped back into reality and reminded of our position here in this country, in this world really. Therefore, I don’t think it would be that easy for us to be blind-sighted, caught totally off guard and unprepared if slavery was to be reinstituted tomorrow. No, I am not trying to stir up some race war. It just seems like it always takes something extreme for people to show who they really are. I just feel like black people have been doing the same things for so long, receiving the same results. My question to all of you (black, white, red, yellow, whatever) is what would you do?

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