Black Men and Women! What Do You Think About This Video??

Posted: May 9, 2013 in Looks Like a Black Woman??
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I usually don’t watch too much of this man’s YouTube channel because I find a lot of his generalizations and opinions offensive. However, I stumbled across this video through another channel I subscribe to and I’m actually glad I did. Now I’ve been debating the last couple of days if I wanted to blog about it or not. I’m always worried about offending my readers but I think this is one a lot of black women (and black people in general) can benefit from watching. Before you press play, I’d just like to make this disclaimer: The racially offensive tone and behaviors displayed in this video (from both parties) do not represent the thoughts and/or opinions of Just Jewel.

Now that you’ve watched the video, let’s discuss. I have to break this one down in pieces because there are a few different things I’d like to point out:

The “Snowbirds”

It is evident that these two young girls are ignorant children. Be that as it may, high school is where it starts. This age is so impressionable and a lot of the habits and patterns that a person develops in high school set the precedent for who they will become as adults in our society. Notice the screwed up faces these girls make as the word “black” exits their mouths. They look almost disgusted. See how they imitate black people, making fun of our use of Ebonics saying “doe” isn’t a word. Can you see how comfortable they are using the word “nigga”? Why do you think that is? It is because we have become so comfortable speaking ignorantly that these white teens actually think this is how black people in general talk and behave, and they will probably move on into adulthood carrying this notion. When we talk to each other like we have no sense and we call each other out of our names for the world to see, we are putting ourselves on display. We are telling everyone “YES IT’S OK TO CALL ME NIGGA! YES IT’S OK TO TALK TO US ANY KIND OF WAY! CAN’T YOU SEE WE DO IT TO EACH OTHER ALL THE TIME FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT? SO IT’S OK!”

The Weave

Notice how the girl on the left is brushing her long, straight hair the entire time. It gets even better when she starts whipping it around telling us we can never get hair like that or do things like that with our [real] hair. It’s funny because I watch black women and girls run their fingers through their weaves all the time as if it is really their real hair. You cannot deny the blonde girl is on point when she starts making fun of how we pat our weave because we can’t scratch it. Hell! We have one of our own who made a song about it! Once again, putting our foolishness on display for the world to see. I know a lot of black women may watch this video and get upset at these white girls in defense of their right to bear weaves. My question is if we want other races to stop taking shots at us, how about we stop giving them the ammunition? It’s just a thought.



*Disclaimer: This picture does not represent the thoughts/opinions of Just Jewel. I just found it on someone’s website. Notice the picture on the top left. Funny???

As I said, I don’t agree with a lot of his generalizations. I also don’t agree with the way he speaks about black women in such a derogatory way. I need you to put all of that aside for the sake of getting to his message though. One of the first things he said was white people don’t understand why we are doing this [putting weaves in our hair]. So I ask, why are we??? “You are the one group of people with the type of hair that no one else has. Yet you, the women, hate it.” That is such a strong statement to me right there, and that is the part I’ve never understood. We, black women, have something unique and special about us that no one else has. Why do we cover it up and/or destroy it??? Another good quote: “If they ain’t willing to pay to put your hair in their head, you should not be willing to put their hair in your head.” Now I know what a lot of you will say to combat that: “Well they get their hair braided or dreaded trying to be like us.” True, but I have yet to see a white person attempt to sew or glue some naps into their hair. Have you?

He goes on to mention how there are all types of weaves now, “I got that Columbian hair.” I have actually heard that comment in real life. I have actually heard a black woman explain to a room of Asian and white people how the weave she had in was considered “premium weave” because it was Asian hair that ran for $3,000. I remember the Asian woman asking her with a smirk (a smirk this black woman didn’t even notice): “Well what makes it premium hair?” This is the type of behavior that makes me sad and embarrassed. It may have sounded bad when he said we’re sending Korean kids to school but the man does have a point. We put millions in their pockets every year buying their hair, but they won’t buy ours. We saw that in Chris Rock’s movie Good Hair. The Korean hair storeowner told him our hair was “no good”. Ha! And sadly, we are really convinced that it isn’t.

Another interesting point he brings up. He mentioned how black women will say that even though black men will talk about their weaves, they’ll still have sex with them. Then he goes on to say but they won’t marry or respect them. I haven’t decided if that’s a stretch or not but I do know plenty of black men who will openly admit that they’re not attracted to women with fake hair but they’ll still sleep with them. Black women, I’m just saying that’s something for you to think about. It may be offensive that he calls black women mannequins but I have to admit, I found that kind of funny because a lot of us do really look like mannequins.


I don’t even want to say anything else because this will turn into a book. Have I worn weave before in my life? Yes! Will I wear it again? I probably won’t but who knows. You might catch me with a wig on every once in a blue moon. Should everyone be like me? No, but check your motives. Check the messages you are sending out to the world. Black men, black women I want to know what you thought about this video. Look past the obvious racism and black woman bashing. Focus on the overall message. Please comment.


*Check out this interesting short story by author, Last Black Man: Nairobi’s Idol

  1. Jae says:

    Beauty is pain? No, black has always been beautiful. I recall the scene from Malcolm X when Denzel is smoothing out the kinks with the creamy crack and says in acceptance “Woohoo looks white don’t it”. We as black people have been brain washed to believe that white is right for years! Getting a job is easier when you talk, walk and act like them. We parade and degrade ourselves at our expense. I had a biracial woman say loud and proud how barely black she was while I was part of a hand full of blacks in an organization. Before I went back to my roots my own mother couldn’t accept it. It’s not the black woman’s fault. More and more woman are making natural a trend however this man here won’t get the job done because his delivery is harsh, demeaning and to be honest anti-black with his I like white woman behind. He too carries self-hate. It’s not what you’re saying, it’s how you are saying it. Those white girls are saying what most white people are thinking. They didn’t just wake up that way someone taught them like they taught us on the fields many years ago. I pray our brothers and sisters wake up. Our hair CAN grow that long and swing just like that without the creamy crack and Malaysian sew-in. This blog posting ROCKS!

    • Just Jewel says:

      I agree. It’s not always what you say but how you say it. This man clearly has some other issues, but I still wanted to share the video for the overall message. I too am glad to see a lot more of our generation proudly wearing their hair in its natural state but it’s harder for the older generations to understand. Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)!

  2. YBF says:

    I agree what he’s saying is all too real. I wish our beautiful black women could finally realize how very special & unique we are with beautiful skin colors & our natural hair.

  3. I don’t think what he said is “racist”… I think what he said is REAL….

    And thank you for the FOOTNOTE at the bottom of this BLOG. “Nairobi’s Idol” by the Last BlackMan is one of the realest short-stories EVER written…. (And I’m not just sayin’ that because I authored it :))

  4. Jason says:

    You’ll never catch me with a swoop across my forehead trying to look like Justin Beiber…

    I just hope, with white girls themselves saying it and pointing it out, that these BlackWomen will at least finally recognize how foolish those practices are.

    I think the greatest message there is that they (white girls) KNOW that most black girls wished that they had hair like their’s. And so long as black women keep doing what they are doing, white girls will always think that they are better than black women, because black women are showing that they believe it themselves…

    But, in all honesty, I’ve been waiting for some white people to come out and do a video like that.
    I just knew it was a matter of time, ever since Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” movie.

    • Just Jewel says:

      LOL @ the JB swoop. So you think most black women wish they had hair like white women? If this is true, why do you think so many black women deny that? Thanks for stopping by and commenting. (btw, told you no one else would 🙂 )

      • Jason says:

        They deny it for the same reason Black men who worship (oops, I mean: date) white or non-black women deny that it’s a form of self-hatred.
        The American-NEGRO is in denial. And so long as you deny a problem, you’ll never get rid of it.

        I have asked the question: Is there any hope for these people?
        … Well if, after seeing that video, there is no change in their position on the wig/weave question, then there is no hope.

        Check this out: In order to justify the ill-treatment of a people, you HAVE TO see them as INFERIOR. Today we suffer greatly at the hands of people who see us as inferior.With us acting in the way that we act, and doing all the things that we do, the Oppressor must certainly ask: WHY NOT REGARD AS INFERIOR A PEOPLE WHO OBVIOUSLY ACCEPT THEIR OWN INFERIORITY???

        Wake up BlackWomen. So long as you continue to believe (as demonstrated in your actions) that non-Black women got you beat, the will always have you beat. Who can argue against them if YouYourself wont?…

        • Just Jewel says:

          I already knew what you would say. I just wanted to provoke another comment from you so anyone else who may stop by can gain a black man’s perspective on the topic ;). Nuff said.

          Now….let me stop asking you questions before you have people thinking this is a racist blog lol (jk).

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