Everything In Moderation

Posted: May 2, 2013 in Health & Wellness
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I can’t stand bananas. I don’t like the smell of them, don’t like the taste, and I can’t stand the mushy texture. Still, I eat one daily along with 3-4 other fruits. I do this because I know bananas are beneficial to my health. They provide nutrients to my body that it needs. I’m in no way suggesting people need to do what I do, and I am far from a health nut. However, I do take an interest in my health and the wellness of my body. I mean we only get one body right?

So why is it that with all the information that is out there today, staring us in the face, people still continue to live on unhealthy regiments? We live in a world now where obesity is embraced and even celebrated. Don’t misunderstand me. Everyone should be proud and confident in the skin they’re in, but there’s a big difference between being overweight and/or out of shape due to genetics than from just eating all the wrong stuff.

So many people refuse to eat vegetables because they say they taste nasty. In my opinion I just think it’s a mental thing. Keep repeating something long enough and people will just believe it. Nasty or not, if you know something can reduce your risks or possibly avoid developing things like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure, etc. why not just eat it? Eating all the junk you want might be cute now, but I wonder how cute you will feel when the doctor tells you that you have diabetes. Then you’ll be quick to say, “I had no warning signs. This just came out of nowhere!” or “That ain’t nothing but the devil”. No, actually it’s not. It’s YOU!

It’s true you can’t avoid everything and some people have no control over the diseases they get, but a lot of things can be avoided if you just put down the pork chop and pick up some broccoli. You don’t have to become a stick figure vegan overnight but eat things in moderation. Americans especially love to do everything in excess. There’s no reason why we need to treat every meal like the last supper. Put down the honeybun and pick up an apple. Why wait until you’re diagnosed with something to start eating right?

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