You Talk Like a White Girl

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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proper grammar“You talk like a white girl.” Boy if I had a nickel for every time that’s been said to me lol…I still haven’t figured out what that means exactly. I mean I know the message the person is trying to convey when they say that to me but I don’t think they really understand their own choice of words in calling me a white girl. I don’t think they understand the strain of ignorance behind that statement.

I’ve even been asked why I talk like this. Really? Speaking properly requires an explanation? I had no idea. Well here are a few reasons why I talk the way that I do:

1. English is my first language. I should know the correct way to use it.

2. I went to a very diverse high school and I actually paid attention in English class. Please forgive me.

3. Most of my friends growing up also used correct English and so did my momma! I don’t know. Call us crazy!

I know I’m not alone in this either. Other people I know who speak properly have had this said to them as well. My question is why are we mocked for speaking properly? Why is it such a problem?

Some people get really annoyed when that statement is said to them. I actually find it funny, especially coming from the individuals who say it to me. You’re dressed in Polo from head to toe (not knowing the first damn thing about the sport) but I’m trying to be white? You’re bleaching your skin and gluing straight hair in your head. Oh, but I’m the one trying to be white. Getcha mind right! (Is that black enough for you?)

Black Americans will pour thousands upon thousands into the economy on designer clothes, cars, and toys – most of which are white owned without even realizing it. Yet, let it be anything black owned and we won’t support it because we didn’t hear about it in a music video and it’s not what’s “in”. So we continue doing what we’ve been doing since our ancestors were brought here, build the white empire. Meanwhile we’re busy worrying about somebody talking too white. If you go for an interview, I’m pretty sure phrases like “nah mean”, “huh”, “nigga please”, “fa sho”, etc. will not land you the job. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think we like being on the bottom. We love coming in last place over and over.

And I just love the assumptions that come along with my talking properly. People who speak properly are not necessarily squares, Uncle Toms, or house niggers. Some of us are people who understand how the game works. To beat your oppressors at their own game, you must know how to play it. Otherwise you’re just another one of their pawns and you’re too ignorant to even realize it. If I were born in Spain, I’d speak Spanish properly. If I were born in China, I’d speak Chinese properly. It just so happens I was born in the U.S. So yeah, I speak English properly. Don’t get me wrong; I can easily slip into the “Ebonics” dialect (gosh I hate that term with a passion) given certain social situations. But it’s not something that comes naturally to me. So why should I switch the way I speak to try to be “down”? I will never try to be anything I’m not. That’s just plain stupid, and people who do that also look and sound stupid. It’s not about trying to hide or forget where you came from. It’s about progression.

Those of us who use proper grammar do not “talk white”. We talk like we paid attention in school. We talk like we have limitless vocabulary. We talk like we’re competing with hundreds of others for the same job. We talk like we are not ashamed or embarrassed of our intellect. We talk like we are not lazy. We talk like we know ignorance is just another small part of the plan for black people to fail as a whole, and we will not be a part of that plan. That’s what we talk like!

  1. LDJ says:

    I think somehow people become intimidated by someone that exhibits self confidence while they are speaking. I bet if you research and find out the backgrounds of the people wondering why some people “talk white”, you will find that they have a lot of other issues, such as not trying to better themselves and trying to bring down others is a constant habit. Keep doing what you do! There is nothing wrong with the way you talk……

    • Just Jewel says:

      You’re probably right about them probably having some other issues. Issues they’re probably not even aware of. Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for stopping by!

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