Black History Happening Now: Featuring Jason Pezant

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Black History
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jpJason Pezant – The Artist

I know Black History Month is normally a time when we focus primarily on great black figures of our past. We see articles, celebrations, and pictures honoring names like Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Madame C.J. Walker, etc. While this is great and it’s important not to forget those who’ve paved the way, sometimes I feel like it’s redundant information. So I’ve decided to take my own different approach to black history this time. Instead of only focusing on the great black men and women of the past, I’d like to also include those in our present. Black history doesn’t only have to be about those who were the first in their fields or who made groundbreaking history. Black history can also be about those who are overcoming obstacles, paving their own way, and are on the rise to becoming someone great. There is black history that is happening right now and that too needs to be celebrated!

I’d like to start “Black History Happening Now” with a feature focus on an up and coming artist, Jason Pezant. Jason is a San Bernadino, CA native whose inspiration to become an artist came through his own bloodline, as his father too is an artist. This sparked an interest in Jason at the early age of 7. Seeing his young, raw talent, Jason’s parents sent him to take art classes at Fontana Art Center where he honed his craft. Being the only child there, he excelled in his class full of adults. IMG957325

But we all know no black history story is complete without obstacles. Unfortunately, at the age of 15, Jason started on a path of street life and incarceration that would stretch for eleven years on and off. During those times he struggled with choosing between gang life and his art. In 2012 Jason decided to make a positive change. He is currently pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts at Riverside City College. After that, he intends to continue on to get his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts as well with the determination to become a college professor.

Even with obstacles and setbacks, Jason has had one past exhibit at a Starbucks in Orange County, CA and is currently working hard to plan his next exhibit. In addition to working towards his next exhibit and attending college, Jason is also working on a project for a Northern California newspaper and designing a logo for the well-known Mommie Helen’s Bakery.

Jason Pezant hard at work

He uses everything from charcoal, to water colors, to oil paints, and even Jolly Ranchers. He is most known for his work with Impressionism, and has produced such paintings as “The Golden Gabby”, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Whitney Houston, and more. What can’t this man do! Jason Pezant is an example to all that it is possible to change your life around for the better using the talents you were given. Though he may not be as well known as Jackie Robinson or Dr. Charles Drew, Jason Pezant is on the rise and he is black history that is happening now.


Done while attending Fontana Art Center at age 7


“The Golden Gabby”


A rose made from Jolly Ranchers

*Get in touch with Jason here:

  1. YBF says:

    Beautiful work by Jason! Stay encouraged.

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