Can Black Women Come Together to Work Together?

Posted: February 7, 2013 in Black History
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I was hired to do a freelance article a couple weeks ago on Madame C.J. Walker. Even though I knew who she was and had heard reports on her growing up, always during Black History Month of course, there were still some things that I just learned. One thing was that she did not invent the hot comb or relaxer as many have been lead to believe, but the one that somewhat sparked this topic was the way she ran her business.

She started out using products by another black female entrepreneur, Annie Malone. She then went on to work with Malone as a sales agent. Once Walker created her own products, an all-inclusive hair growing system, she then recruited other black females as agents. She created different beauty schools to train them and held conferences to coach them on entrepreneurship as well as other things. Her daughter was right there holding down home base while Walker travelled around the world promoting her products and recruiting more agents, and once she decided to move to NY she left her headquarters’ operations in the hands of two other black females. What is my point in all this? Madam C.J. Walker wasn’t selfish. She was a team player and wanted everybody on her team to eat and prosper. She taught and provided opportunities to other black women who shared her same desire to be successful businesswomen. She became the United States’ first black millionaire and she wanted the same for the other women around her.

Fast forward to the present. I have had several of my black female friends tell me they absolutely hate working for other women. They’d much rather have male bosses. I personally never liked having a boss period so it never mattered much to me lol. Then I hear a lot of black females saying (myself included) they don’t keep too many female friends and that they have more guy friends because they’re just easier to get along with. I stopped watching reality shows a while back, but you turn on TV to all these black reality shows and what do you see? All you see is fighting, backstabbing, arguing, and more fighting. Turn on the computer and what do you see? A million statuses on Facebook about all this hatin’ from this one or that one. You see Worldstar HipHop videos posted of young black females beating each other’s asses. When did it get like this? Every time I hear this song “Ladies Night” and/or see the video, I just feel nostalgic. It reminds me of a time when black women could come together and make something happen.

You got everybody from Lil Kim to Missy Elliot to SWV to Escape to Changing Faces to Da Brat and so many more in this video. There’s actresses, models, singers, rappers all from different areas, backgrounds, and genres. I love the song, but I love the video more because it makes me proud to see all these women coming together like this – no fighting. What happened to that spirit? That female team bonding? Today it seems more like black females are like crabs in a basket. How can we get that Madame C.J. Walker spirit back?

  1. YBF says:

    I agree and keep up the great research & good work.

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