Two Way Mirrors – Excerpt #4 from Just Jewel’s upcoming novel

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Excerpts
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Taken From Chapter 12

I wasn’t sure how it was going to be hanging out with her outside of work, but I actually enjoyed our conversation as we rode to the club. Jillian was cool, real down to earth. She had nice things, but she wasn’t showy about it. She was generous too. Once we got to the club, she insisted on buying the drinks. The spot was nice. The lights were low and the décor very laid back. It gave a very sexy, sultry type of ambiance.

She introduced me to her friend that was hosting. She seemed nice enough, and she looked a little butch. Actually, she looked a lot butch. Her hair was cut like a man’s, and she was dressed like a man in hard bottoms, jeans, and a crisp black button-up. She looked like she was probably an attractive lady at one point.

That didn’t matter to me. The music was good, so I was ready to hit the dance floor. As we danced, I noticed no guys had tried to dance with us yet. That’s when I took a good look around. There actually weren’t too many guys there period. There were maybe ten or fifteen throughout the whole club of about a hundred people. I would say at least five of those guys were employees.

“Jilli, where the hell are all the dudes?” I asked looking confused.

“You got me!” she said then spun around and continued to dance. She was enjoying herself. She didn’t seem to care that there wasn’t too much eye candy. I didn’t really care either. As long as the music was good, I was good.

I danced until the muscles in my legs began to hurt, and Jillian kept the drinks coming. All of a sudden, I felt someone squeeze my butt firmly. I spun around with the quickness, ready to smack whatever dude thought he could just grab my ass like that. To my surprise, it was a woman! It caught me off guard. “What the hell is your problem? You tryna get fucked up?” I said feeling violated. Before she could respond, Jillian got between us and started arguing with the chick.

“My bad, I didn’t know she was with you.” The woman said and backed away with her hands up in the air in the stick up position.

“Are you okay?” Jillian asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I don’t know what the hell that was all about!” I said, still confused.

“Don’t worry about it. She’s obviously drunk out her mind.” She said, trying to calm me down.

I didn’t drink anymore after that, and as my buzz wore off, I started to look around the club. That’s when I noticed. The few men that were there were there with a chick. Other than that, it was a club full of females. Women were grinding on each other on the dance floor. I even saw a female couple huddled in the corner with one woman sitting on the other’s lap. It was like the needle scratched the record in my head, “This broad done brought me to a lesbian club! What the hell?”

  1. Nikki says:

    This excerpt got my attention. I look forward to ordering the book when it comes out. Unfortunately, sounds like a situation I would get caught up in…..

    • Just Jewel says:

      Thanks for stopping by and checking it out Nikki. LOL, yeah I’ve had similar situations happen to me so I guess anyone can get caught up…The book will be available by the end of Feb. so be sure to come back for the updates!

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