Two Way Mirrors – Excerpt #1 from Just Jewel’s Upcoming Novel

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Excerpts
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As I mentioned earlier, going forward I will be switching up the different topics that I discuss. In addition to my other random posts, this month I will be sharing excerpts from my upcoming novel, “Two-way Mirrors”. Stay tuned for the release!

Taken From Chapter 2

It was winter, and it felt and showed outside. The baseboard heat in my place wasn’t doing the best job. I didn’t want to get up as I snuggled into my blankets in the fetal position. Eventually, I decided that since I was up and it was still early, I would head to the gym. I knew it might be crowded because a lot of people liked to work out on Saturday mornings. I hoped the cold weather would keep them home though.

It was a slow drive there even though it wasn’t that far from my apartment. Black ice and snow banks lined the streets of Newark from the snowfall days before. I could hear the slush against my tires as I tread carefully along my way. I felt bad for the few people that I saw waiting for the bus on days like these, bundled up, cold with their snow boots on, trying not to slip and fall on sidewalks.

Once at the gym, I tied on my paisley grey bandana, got my bottle of water, plugged in my headphones, wiped down the elliptical machine, and went to work. I always loved to work out to the beat of the music. After about fifteen minutes, I closed my eyes as I felt my heart start to speed up. Sweat dripped down my forehead, and I started to breathe out loud through my mouth. As I switched my step to work the elliptical in reverse, I reached down to my waist, where I had my mp3 player clipped, and turned up the music. Eyes still closed, I felt my thighs tightening up as I continued working the machine with my arms and legs.

Have you ever had that feeling someone was watching you? I grabbed my towel from the holder, still working the elliptical with just my legs. I dabbed around my eyes before opening them, and there she was again! I looked in the full-length wall mirrors in front of me. In the reflection, a short, pudgy, dark skinned woman dressed in an all black sweat suit was standing near the door, staring at me. She wore her hoodie tightly secured around her head and face with the drawstrings pulled. Her long bangs were all that peeked through the hood. They fell just to her eyes. Still, I could tell it was her.

This was my third time seeing this woman recently. She didn’t seem threatening, but it did make me uneasy to think she was possibly following me. She seemed curious more than anything, curious about me. Now that I saw her again and she was staring at me, I knew it couldn’t be coincidence. First the grocery store, then the bowling alley, and now she was at the gym. Newark, New Jersey isn’t a huge city but it’s not small either. So what were the odds of me continuously running into this woman? She looked young, like she could be in her early or mid thirties, not a bad-looking woman.

Just then, her eyes met mine in the mirror. I hopped off the machine ready to confront her. As I spun around to walk across the floor, she disappeared around the corner of the doorway. I quickened my pace through the rows of stationary bicycles to a slight jog until I reached the doorway. I peeked my head out and looked left, then right. She was gone just like that. I shrugged it off and turned back around.


Startled, I jumped. “Rock, you scared the shit outta me!” I exclaimed through a nervous chuckle.

“Now, what’s a pretty lil’ lady like yourself doing using that type of ugly language?” Rock replied with a wide grin on his face.

  1. Michele Williams-Poole says:

    Can’t wait for the book Jewel!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Reads very interesting so far. I am patiently however anxiously waiting for the rest….

  3. Westboy says:

    Can’t wait to get more involved with all of this

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