Posted: December 27, 2012 in Poetry by Just Jewel, Positive vs. Negative

Mind boggled, brain juggling

Thoughts whirl, emotions bubbling

Body tired, tongue hustling

Mixed feelings, intentions tussling


This is the disarray that is I,

breaking on down by and by


Endless list of things for which to fret

Take your pick and place your bet

Which straw will break the camel’s back?

Ups and downs govern this and that


No control over this life belonging to me,

least that is the way it seems


Head above water, just to my chin

Expecting to lose, no hope to win

Realism fighting optimistic faith

Pessimism champs and steals first place


The chips they always seem to fall,

and bad luck’s a never-ending haul


If I didn’t know any better,

I’d think we were all one-eyed creatures

‘Cause we only catch one half,

of the movie being featured

The dark, the dank, what’s bad and wrong

The blues are the lyrics which grace our songs


We play hide and seek with all that’s going well

Things we should be thankful for, our lips will never tell


Why would we when it’s way more fun

to complain and sulk and pout?

Let’s unravel, unfasten, become undone

Gas up on negatives and fill up on doubt


Who are we to think directions can change?

Flick on our signal and switch to a positive lane?

No, don’t say anything good or anything nice

Let’s speak bad things into existence and over our lives


Let’s forget about all of the simple things,

of which we’ve been given and blessed

And conveine only with other simpletons,

who revel in problems and stress


Matter face, why not just have a national convention?

Where every single hiccupped faced can be documented and mentioned

We could have a contest of misery

Team Woe is Me versus Team Dysfunctional Family Tree

We’d sit and trade stories, soaking in each other’s negativity


Place the big girl next to the skinny girl,

and let them battle out who’s worse off

Put employee A in a room and B in another

Switch managers and decide who has the worse boss


Man just laid off with that severance package

Let’s play trading places

With the homeless man who has no jacket,

and shoes but no shoe laces


Lady complaining your kids take up all your time

Go have a sit down with one who can’t conceive a child

Let’s tear each other down, saying we won’t make it

Camp beneath gray clouds, get comfortable and complacent




We could say things to build each other up

Know in our hearts things will work out for good

Manifest change and say later for luck

Test our faith and hope the way that we should


You see, I was in the captain’s seat

of Ship Destiny, but didn’t even know

‘Cause life’s storms kept testing me,

each time a gusty wind would blow

Thought it’d be the death of me,

but each time it wasn’t so

Then I came and rescued me,

And let my vessel flow

Positive people have a simple recipe

Ready? Here we go


Think positive

Be grateful

Say kind words


What you say starts with a thought before spoken and heard


Be mindful of what you listen to, what you watch and the company you keep

That thing called bad energy is a parasitic beast

Sucking your blood just as thirsty as a leech

Latching to others, spreading like a cancerous disease


Smile sometimes, who knows might cause a domino effect

And remember things are never really as bad as they could get

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is very good Jewel and a great way to start the new year! We need to remind each other more often to be positive.

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