Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Positive vs. Negative
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Last week I spoke about positive thinking and speaking. In my opinion those are the first steps to becoming a more positive you. However, those are not the only steps. You have to be careful of your surroundings and the things and people you let into your mind, space, and company. It’s more important than we think because negative energy can spread like disease.

A prime example of this is when you get a small group of women together and they start going in on what’s wrong with their body. “I’m too skinny.” “I’m too fat!” “My forehead is too big.” “My stomach is too chubby.” “My nose is too long.” And the insults go on. It only takes one person to start a pool of negative energy amongst a group and it will take off like wildfire as everyone begins to put themselves down. That conversation could easily turn into something positive if the discussion of shortcomings was replaced with a discussion of attributes instead. Why is it that women don’t get together and talk about all that is right about their body and the things they do like? It is because we are choosing negative over positive!

Have you ever met that person or had that friend that no matter what, they would always have something negative to say? You can’t get them to speak a positive word to save their life. It is up to us to make a conscious effort to distance ourselves from people like this. Friend or not, their constant negativity will have an impact on you. And if you find that people are distancing themselves from you, then you may be that negative person I’m talking about.

Before I made this move to the San Diego area, I was on the phone with an acquaintance. All she kept telling me was how much I was going to hate San Diego, how I wouldn’t find the type of apartment I was looking for, and how it would be worse than L.A. She was speaking nothing but negativity into me and over what I was trying to do in my life. I chose to counter her negativity by not allowing her words to penetrate me and I told her that I was keeping a positive mindset about everything. Well it turns out I love my new apartment and I’m starting to like San Diego even more than L.A. I have not talked to her since because I’ve chosen to only surround myself with positive people. Even people in your own family can be negative. All you have to do is not feed into any of it. Whenever I would start getting down or complaining about situations in my life, a friend of mine would simply say to me “Ok now tell me something good”. After hearing that from him so many times it forced me realize how negative I was being and made me shift my energy to something more positive. It’s also made me get into the habit of thinking before I say anything that might be negative because the fact is that saying something negative really doesn’t help anything. It’s like a waste of breath and energy. So now I do the same thing if I’m talking to someone who is going on and on with their negativity. I just say “Ok now tell me something good or positive”.

People aren’t the only issue either. Every song you listen to and every show you watch has an impact on you and sends off some type of energy to you. I remember one day I was trying to find something to watch on TV. I had gotten to the point where I stopped watching a lot of my usual shows because they had negative energies about them (especially all those reality shows). So I went through the entire guide of about 900+ channels and I couldn’t find one positive show to watch on TV. Now I know that TV is just for entertainment, but it’s important to pay attention to the type of energies you are entertaining. You may think that you can watch something strictly for entertainment and it won’t have an affect on you but even subconsciously it does. Have you ever heard a song on the radio that you couldn’t stand but they played it so much that it got stuck in your head anyway? It’s the same thing with TV. You can tell yourself it doesn’t have an impact but if you allow too much of that negative energy in from it, it will start to take form within you. Why not replace those negative energies you’re allowing into your brain that aren’t doing anything for you which you watch for “entertainment” purposes with something more positive and beneficial? You might watch these negative TV shows and walk away feeling entertained but that’s it. You haven’t walked away with anything you can use in your life or for your wellbeing.

Well I don’t want to leave sounding like some crazy energy fanatic. My point here is be careful of what you let into your brain/mind, who you converse with, and the things you choose to talk about. Negativity feeds off of itself, but so can positivity.


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