Hit The Reset Button on Your Positivity

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Positive vs. Negative
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“Energy is everything”. I have a friend who is constantly telling me this, reminding me. I’ve also heard it other places as well. I’m not sure why this year in 2012 I have become extremely aware of its reality. Everything that is and everything we do, we put an energy behind it. Whether it be a nervous energy, timid energy, ignorant energy, or happy energy, it is energy nonetheless. Any of these energies as well as others can be placed under positive energy or negative energy, and we have a choice between the two.

So why not choose to be positive? Stop and think for a moment. What has being negative ever gotten you? Did it make you feel better about yourself? Did it make someone else feel good? Did it evoke positive responses or reactions from other people? Did it produce any good results that have bettered your life? My guess would be that it hasn’t. I know for me it didn’t.

Now let’s take a look at being positive for a moment. Have you ever run into one of those “glass half full” people? Maybe it was at the office or someone you know in your own family. That person that makes you say to yourself: “What the hell are they so damn happy about?” We don’t know. It could be something big, small, or nothing at all. Either way they have a happy disposition because they have chosen to be positive about life. I use to be a straight pessimist. In every situation I would immediately notice and fixate on the negatives. I’d always want to talk about what was wrong instead of what was right. I would allow the tiniest things get me down and bent out of shape. The more I did this, the more negative things would happen in my life. People wouldn’t know it but it had gotten to the point where negative things happening in my life became a regular occurrence and I began to accept and expect it. Because of that, I began to speak negatively since it seemed like nothing was ever going right for me. You see, negativity will feed off of your negative energy and thrive and dominate if you allow it to.

We have the power to speak and think things into existence and we don’t even know it. Fast forward to the present. This year, 2012, I have given being positive my every effort. I think it, speak it, and live it. It wasn’t easy at first because I had to break out of that negative mindset, that prison. And yes, sometimes negative thoughts do enter my mind and I am still faced with obstacles but because I’m more aware of it I am able to steer it away faster and easier now. Since doing this, I am seeing things changing rapidly in my life in a good way. Because I’m in the habit of putting out positive energy, nothing but positive results have been coming back to me. In the beginning it does take a conscious effort but like with anything else, with practice it becomes second nature. We are able to manifest what we think. Everything you see around you started with a thought. I won’t go too deep into that because it would take too much time to explain. My point is this: Everything starts with the way we think which effects the way we speak which effects the way we are. We can chose to think negatively, speak negatively, and be negative which will in turn invite negativity back into our realm or we can chose to think positively, speak positivity, and be positive. That will open the door to invite positivity and blessings back into our lives. We have more control over our lives and situations than we sometimes allow ourselves to think. It’s up to us to choose which end of the spectrum we will thrive in. The great news is that if we find ourselves on the negative end, it’s never too late to hit the reset button and start being a positive person in the now.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

– Henry Ford


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