Guest Blog Post: Featuring Trena Bolden Fields on “Love”

Posted: November 8, 2012 in Guest Blog Posts
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Keeping it rolling with another guest blog post! This week we will be hearing from Trena Bolden Fields with some lessons on love. I think we can all use that. Don’t you?

A little about Trena:

Trena Bolden Fields is the author of the forth coming book Finding Love
Within. As an actress and writer, Trena is continuing to passionately live
her dreams while being present for her family. To learn more about Trena
and her writings visit


by Trena Bolden Fields

I had a dream the other night that someone dropped a bomb on me and my whole body exploded. I could feel every bit of the intensity of being blown up, specifically every inch of my heart. I know this is a bit graphic, yet stay with me as I think this will all make sense by the end of the article. Love is an emotion and deep feeling and knowing that happens to us, grows from experiences or grows from within. Love brings so much excitement and honor to us as beings, as people, as individuals in the world. To have an explosion of love impact your body, heart, being, mind and soul is truly transforming. In my dream, I began to transform after the explosion and I floated upwards feeling more at ease and peaceful. The after affects were so peaceful, loving and strong. In truth, I was extremely affected and excited by the dream. When I woke up, I began to feel a newness in my being and a sense that my life would be different from that moment on. I experienced love exploding within. I experienced transformation that helped me really feel what love is.

So what is love? Where does love begin? With self? Words? Others? With God? With the Universe? With an explosion?

Some experts define love as energy. Webster’s dictionary says love is assurance, affection or unselfish loyal and benevolent (well-meaning) concern for the good of another.

When looking for the actual definition of love, I am always drawn to the biblical passage, I Corinthians 13:4-7. To me, love is patient. Love is kind. Love is confident and trusting. Love thinks of others and is welcoming. Love seeks service. Love is calm and projects good thoughts towards self and others. Love delights in good things. Love rejoices in virtue and truth. Love always protects, trusts, endures, hopes and perseveres. This is love found within.

What helps us to know, experience, live and share this love is a deep understanding of who we are, where we are in the world and what we are suppose to do while on this earth. It is so important for us to accept ourselves, give ourselves permission to love, to take care of ourselves, dream big dreams, experience life and use our God given talents and energy to bring about love and transformation in the world. Once we find and deepen our love within, we are then able to clearly and happily share love with others, thus creating a world full of thoughtfulness, healing, love and exciting energy.  We must remember that love begins within and can promote healing and true transformation.

So I asked myself again, what is love and where does it begin?

I responded by saying:

Love is:


Allowing self to be and experience.


Being present.

Sharing your God given talents with the world




Renewed compassion.

This is love found within.

So how can you find love within? Here are 8 steps for you to follow.

  1. Become self-aware
  2. Accept you
  3. Give yourself permission to love
  4. Take fabulous care of yourself
  5. Discover your dreams
  6. Define your purpose
  7. Live your dreams
  8. Share your talents with others

*Thanks for sharing Trena 🙂 !


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