Guest Blog Post Featuring James M Davis

Posted: November 2, 2012 in Guest Blog Posts
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This month I’ve decided to switch gears and mix things up a little. I’ve invited any and all bloggers to do a guest blog post for A Drop of Jewel. Each month thus far I have given you my opinions, thoughts, and views on different subjects and I thought it’d be nice to hear from some fellow bloggers and see what’s on their minds for a change. So each week this month you’ll be seeing various bloggers’ posts on various topics. Hopefully you will enjoy and make sure you click on their links to check out their sites. They have some pretty interesting stuff in store for you.

Our first guest post comes from James M Davis and his timing couldn’t be more perfect with this post since I haven’t posted any of my poetry in a while. What is James’s site all about? Well here is the answer in his own words:

There is a quote by Socrates that I hope my blog lives up too, “I am wise because I know that I know nothing.” Hopefully when you read some of the works on my page, that quote will resonate with you, the reader. However simple or complex, this sums up me and my blog.


I saw the shade of a ghost.

I instructed her to come into the light.

Hesitation followed, as expected.

Different tools were put into use.


Elegant words, and a beautiful heart.

Now she tiptoed forward.

Eyes could see her, mine more than most.

Overwhelmed with joy, we danced at sunrise.


Come mid-day, we held hands.

Exhausted, we watched the sun fall.

I lost her in the darkness that night.

With the moons glow, I see the shadow of the ghost.


You can visit James M Davis’s site at . Thanks James 🙂 !


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