5 Simple Ways to Impress a Lady

Posted: August 16, 2012 in Single Men
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I think men have given up on putting in the effort to impress a woman. Part of this may be because they feel like they shouldn’t have to. A woman should just like you for you. Right? I agree, but the other part is that there is the misconception that women want you to jump through hoops and drop a ton of cash on them to be impressed. Sure, that might be the case for a high maintenance, gold digging, materialistic female. For the grounded, average woman it just isn’t so. The following are just a few simple ways to show the lady of your interest that you’re into her and care about her:

1.    Listen:

This is so easy it should be a no brainer. Women like to talk. Sometimes we vent to you because no one else is around at the moment or because we want you to care about what is going on in our world. Yes, we tend to get caught up on details that you could care less about. We can’t help it so just deal with it. It’s so frustrating to be halfway through a story and then realize you’re not even paying attention to us. Stay engaged in what we’re telling you. Give more feedback than just “wow” or “uh huh” or “for real?” Ask us questions about the story we’re telling you so we know you’re actually interested in what we’re saying. Follow up with us. The next day or so after we’ve went on and on with whatever story, ask us “So what happened with that situation at work?” or “I was thinking about your problem and a suggestion came to me”. This makes us think in our heads “Aww he actually was listening and he does care.” It reassures us that we can count on you for a listening ear.

2.    Compliment Us:

Something you should know is that women never get tired of hearing compliments. I promise you that never gets old. Tell us we’re beautiful or you like our outfit. This is especially important after you’ve won us over and you’ve been together for a while. Often times once the guy gets the girl, all the niceties stop. That shouldn’t be. The best two times to compliment your lady of interest is when she expects one and when she least expects one. What I mean is, if you know she’s trying a new look, is dressed up for a special occasion, or is wearing a new outfit for the first time, a little reassurance that the ensemble she has spent time putting together (often times to impress you anyway) will be taken as a job well done. The other extreme is when she feels she’s at her worst. When she just came from a jog, when she’s dressed in rags cleaning the house, or when her makeup is off and has her hair wrapped up for the night, stop her in her tracks, grab her by the hand, and tell her she’s beautiful!

3.    Remind Us How You Feel:

This feels so great when it’s done out of the blue. Send her a text or call her out of the blue and tell her how you feel about her, even if you’ve already told her before. Nothing makes us feel more warm and fuzzy inside than you calling and saying “I just wanted to tell you I care about you” or “I just called to remind you how much I love you” or “I just need you to know how much I appreciate you and our relationship”. When caught off guard by these simple reminders, it immediately turns us to putty.

4.    Cook:

It doesn’t have to be a five-course meal or anything too fancy. If all you know how to make is a peanut butter n’ jelly sandwich, I promise if you “dress it up” right with your best presentation we will appreciate it. It’s more about the effort than the actual meal. All women love men who can cook or are at least willing to try every now and then.

5.    Show Support:

When we share our dreams and aspirations with you, don’t just take it as conversation to pass the time. A lot of men just let that stuff go in one ear and out the other pretending to care. Instead, how about showing some interest? Tell us that you believe in what we’re trying to do. If possible, offer suggestions that will help us achieve our dreams. If we should stumble or reach a challenging point during the process, be our cheerleader. Tell us that we have what it takes to do whatever it is. Yes, our confidence should lie within ourselves first but it builds that confidence even more when we know you have our back and are rooting for us to succeed. I believe one of the foundations of a successful relationship is supporting each other in what you want to do in life and it starts in the dating phase.


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