Excuse Me While I Interject

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Hey blog family! I thought now would be as good a time as any to interject with a random post since I finished out the month of July already. I’m not sure what the topic for August will be just yet (guess I should decide soon) but I wanted to let all my readers know I’ve taken another step on my road as an aspiring writer. Yup, there’s a new place where you can check out some of the things I have to say. Yes, I’ll still be posting here weekly but I am now proud to announce I’m writing for RnBmagazine.com. It’s a magazine that comes out every other month. It caters to music, love, life, and relationships for women, but I’m sure the guys will find it informative as well. Below I’ve listed links to some of the posts I’ve written so far but please go on over to the site to browse around and support. Thanks in advance!

“If I Ain’t Got You” – RnB Reminiscing

Things You Can Do to Keep the Spice in Your Relationship

Yesterday was Nelson Mandela B-Day

  1. Anonymous says:

    JuJu. I’m just now getting the opportunity to check out your articles in “RnBmagazine.com”. Keep up the fantastic work and may God continue to bless you in ALL of your writing. Love “Your Biggest Fan forever”!!!

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