“What Would You Do?” (The Poem)

Posted: July 26, 2012 in Poetry by Just Jewel, What would you do?
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“What Would You Do?”

Right is wrong and wrong is right

No room for grey, it’s black and white

Morals bounced on a first class flight

Honesty left, caught the red eye overnight

So what would you do? Ahh the conscience’s plight

Bickery, trickery, charms and deceit

Mr. Wendal needs a dollar but you ain’t beat

Old lady hops on the bus, do you give up your seat?

Nah you stare straight ahead like you don’t see

What you would do is crystal clear to me

Peeping, sneaking, and creeping around

Saw what you shouldn’t but don’t make a sound

Pretend like you wouldn’t but you know you’d be down

To play hopscotch on the devil’s playground

Giving your word as bond but you ain’t bound

You take a yard when given an inch

Stealing a pound when offered a pinch

Not a second thought, not even a flinch

Helping yourself like a modern day Grinch

What wouldn’t you do to have that thirst quenched?

The mind flip-flops playing tricks

Better judgment walks and temptation sits

Good and evil reps go lick for lick

Nice guys finish last and take the hits

What will you do? Flush the Kool-Aid or take a sip?

  1. Tigga says:

    I love the poem, its def a drop of jewel classy and critical, I def have to give you ur props on this one, i love your lines in here tho, lots of word play, as a poet i def respect that . Your performance is great too

  2. ltownsdin says:

    Thanks for liking my post today. I loved your poem!

  3. jmd5717 says:

    Great poem, job well done! I look forward to reading more from yourself in the future!

  4. Really enjoyed that. Appreciate the way you present the moral delemmia and your presentation was really good. Thanks. You’re very talented.

  5. Nifti says:

    Amazing!! Loved it girl, great job with the spoken poetry!

    I would find a way to keep the video in the same window though. It opened for me in a different window.

    • Just Jewel says:

      Thank you! I know it takes you to Youtube where I also have it posted. The goal was to have it posted from Youtube but to be able to play it here. I noticed it didn’t work out that way but it took me soooo long to upload it I just left it as is. I’m gonna go back to the way I was uploading my videos before for the next ones. Thanks for checking it out :)!

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