What Would You Do: If a Cashier Gave You Too Much Change Back?

Posted: July 19, 2012 in What would you do?
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People always claim to be so honest, but are we really? I’ve never had this particular situation happen to me, but it has happened in reverse. I was at Target and I mistakenly gave the cashier an extra twenty-dollar bill without even realizing it. She could have easily just given me my change and pocketed the extra money because I clearly wasn’t paying attention, but she didn’t. She handed the extra twenty back to me and I was grateful.

It got me to wondering though. What if roles were reversed? What if she had given me too much change back? Would I have told her or would I have kept the extra money? It’s an automatic that I would keep money that I find on the ground and the owner is long gone, but would I keep money that I know was mistakenly given to me?

The truth is I have no idea. Yes, I’d like to think I would be honest and give the money back. The reality is, though, that no one really knows what he/she would do in a given situation until they’re actually in it. My personal opinion (based on absolutely nothing but my thoughts lol) is that fifty percent of people would return the money and the other fifty percent would consider it their lucky day. What would you do?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to think I’d do the honest thing. I too recently was undercharged and immediately brought it to the merchant’s attention. You’ll never know when the roles would be reversed, and I’d like the honest thing to be done in my favor.

  2. I have been given extra money before and I have given it back to them.

    One time I gave someone a larger bill than they thought I did. She continuously disagreed with me, only to start making me think I was crazy. Being that I was a semi-regular, long-time customer, I didn’t understand why she would think I would lie all of a sudden. In the end, she did give me my money and in the end I knew I was right because I remembered how much I had in my wallet when we were in a restaurant the night before. (I had a conversation in my head about how much I had, could I use it, what should be the tip, etc.)

    • Just Jewel says:

      Wow that happened to me recently too. It’s great when you’re honest and return money that isn’t yours but it’s a pain when you have to get into a debate with a cashier about how much money you gave them.

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