What Would You Do?

Posted: July 3, 2012 in What would you do?
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Most of you have probably seen that show What Would You Do where ABC’s John Quinones sets up different moral scenarios to see how everyday people would respond when placed in the middle of those uncomfortable situations. My inspiration for this month’s topic is not from that show, however. It stems from a conversation I had with a friend years ago where I told her that if I saw her boyfriend out with another woman I would not tell her. I have my reasons for saying that and I will get into them in the next post.

Although I’m not really into psychology or anything, I do find human behavior extremely interesting and entertaining. It amazes me how the mass majority of people placed in the same exact situations will react the same exact way, almost as if programmed. People like to say “Well I just did what any other person would’ve done,” but does that mean it’s right? Do people think before they act in these situations or do they just automatically do what the majority of humans deem as “right” or “normal”? So this month I will be presenting a different scenario each week and asking “what would you do?” I’m very interested to see what people have to say on these…Stay tuned!


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