10 Reasons Why You Might Just Be Single: Part I (1-5)

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Single Ladies
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It is unbelievable how many single women are available today. I’m talking about successful, attractive, intelligent, sexy, classy, loyal, good women! As I stated in a previous post, some of us are single by choice. However, there are those women who aren’t. They’re ready for their knight in shining armor. They’re ready to settle down, but things just don’t seem to work out with the men they date for some reason. Of course we all know a large part of this is due to the slim pickings of good men that are available. Then to actually meet a good man that you’re compatible with just adds to the challenge.

It would be unfair of me to blame it all on the men. Ladies, we hold some responsibility too. It has come to my attention that we do a lot of things that turn men off or scare men off and we’re not even aware of it. Once again, I’ll say I’m a big fan of self-reflection. It is so important to examine ourselves, not to say something is wrong with us, but to take an objective view to see if there is a slight chance that it could be us. The following is a list I made based upon some things I’ve seen or heard women do or things that men have told me women have done to turn them off and/or cause them to break things off. Hopefully this will help us identify some of the things we may be doing or not doing to meet and/or keep a good man. Ladies if you fall into any of these categories, even slightly, you may want to re-examine yourself. It’s only a suggestion, and yes, I’ve been one or more of these women. So no judgment here 🙂 :

1.   You’re Miss Overly Independent:

I think the title of this category is self-explanatory. Just in case it’s not, in a nutshell you’re a do everything yourself type of gal. Because of this, a man feels no place for himself or his masculinity in the relationship. Read my previous post (titled Miss Overly Independent) for the extended explanation.

2.   Your hygiene is off putting:

I can’t tell you how many guys have told me they were dating women that they really liked, but when it was time for intimacy the stench between the woman’s legs was too outrageous (lmao). Ladies, a smelly coo will scare a man off with the quickness. There’s a lot of easy fixes for the smelly coo. The easiest being good ol’ soap and water. Also, stop wearing spandex every day. Just like you, the coo needs to breath too. The other tips I will have to do a separate post for in the future. Start with the soap and water and use it daily. The same goes for the breath and underarms. Dragon breath is not a go. If your date is making a scrunched up face while you’re talking, it could be an indication that you have the dragon breath. Of course brush your teeth and your tongue. Gargle with mouthwash. Now I know we all have those days. Maybe we missed lunch and have the hungry breath or whatever. Keep some chewing gum or mints or jolly ranchers or something on hand at all times. You never know when or where Mr. Right might approach you and you don’t want flames shooting out your mouth when that happens. As for the onion pits, once again, soap and water is the key. Of course if that’s not enough, get that deodorant poppin’ off. Lastly, this would seem like a no-brainer but apparently for some it’s not. Wash your damn face! Eye boogers and crust do not look good on anyone.

3.   Looking to meet guys in all the wrong places:

I don’t understand women who hit the club weekend after weekend hoping to meet a man they intend to have a serious relationship with. If you’re just trying to meet someone to have fun with or for a fling, then the club is fine. Hoping to meet your life’s partner there is a stretch. I’m not saying it can’t happen but most men hit the club looking for the freaks and/or just looking to have one night of fun out with the boys, not to meet his wife. After a man has seen you bump and grind all over the ten guys before him do you really think he’s thinking in his head “wow she could be the one”? Then two months down the road you get mad that he’s going out with the boys all the time. Duh! You met him while he was out partying! The internet is another one. Yes, I said the internet! Unless it’s a site that is specifically for dating and/or matchmaking, I would not suggest meeting men off the net. Outside of sites specifically geared towards dating, social networks are a joke to meet a man. I don’t care how normal or nice they seem, most men on these social networks either look nothing like their pictures, have lied about their lives to make them seem grander, are just looking to have sex, or are just plain weird. Period. Then three months down the road you wonder what he’s doing spending all his time on the internet. Duh! He’s looking for other chick’s pictures with mirror poses and sexy back shots.

4.   You’re a hoe:

Is an explanation really needed? You get around, point blank. Period. I’m not knocking you. Your kitty cat is yours to do what you want with it. Remember, it’s not always about what you do but how you do it. If you can’t go to the local bowling alley without running into one or more of the men you’ve slept with, that’s not a good look. If you’re checking out your new guy’s Facebook page and realize you’ve slept with one of his friends or cousins, that’s not a good look either. If you can’t remember the number of men you’ve slept with and did what with, you might want to pump your brakes. Supposedly there’s six degrees of separation between each person on this earth, and I believe that. Not too many men like the idea of their girlfriend or wife having slept with someone they know personally.

5.   You have chatterbox syndrome:

Sure, men like good conversation and a woman who can hold one. Taking over the entire conversation is another story. It’s rude to cut people off and a conversation should be a two-way street. You should listen as much as you talk. Going on and on about yourself is a turn off. Listening, retaining, and remembering the things a man has shared with you through conversation is a turn on. Also, a different extension of the chatterbox is the blabbermouth. You don’t need to share everything your man tells you or everything you do with your man with your girlfriends. Believe it or not, some things should stay between the two of you.

*Stay tuned for part II next week!

  1. Lol I have to say I enjoyed your blog quite a bit thank you for the read jewel for the list and the laughs. 🙂

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