I am going to try to keep it light for this post. I actually like makeup on some people – when it’s done nicely. So what’s my beef with makeup? Well I really only see a problem with it when it’s overdone or worn too often. In my opinion there is really no reason to wear makeup every day. For a person to wear makeup every single day, they must really be unhappy with their natural face. No? Then why else would one wear it every day?

Women typically start wearing makeup in their teen years or a little after. It’s fun and there’s a lot to experiment with when you first start out. What no one tells you is that when you begin to wear makeup every single day, it starts to take a serious toll on your face. It gets in your pores. It gets to the point where you have to wear it every day because it wrecks your face to the point that you begin to look old and haggard without it. I remember a co-worker of mine who would wear a gang of makeup every day. At the time she was around 28 years old. I’ll never forget the day she came to work without her “face” put on because she was running late. Well…no exaggeration, when I walked in and saw her I literally jumped back. For real. She looked like a totally different person without the makeup. Her skin was bad. Her eyes had black circles and bags around them. She looked more like 48 than 28.

Now I am specifically talking to the black women. When your face is five shades lighter than your neck because you picked the wrong foundation or because you intentionally wanted to look lighter, that is a not a good look.  If you’re brown skin or darker and your cheeks are fire engine red, that’s not a good look. They call it blush for a reason. As far as I have ever seen, you usually can’t see when a brown skin or dark skin person blushes in the first place. If your hair is black and you have drawn on light brown eyebrows, that is not a good look. You are the only person who thinks that looks natural. If you’re still drawing on that little black mole near your mouth, that is not a good look. We left the early nineties a long time ago. Come join us in the twenty-first century please. There’s nothing wrong with a little subtle makeup to switch up your look or dress up an outfit. However, there is no reason to cake it on. Remember, less is more.

Black women, we love to complain about how we can’t find a real man. Well what the heck do you think they are saying about us? At least we can say they at least look real lol! These guys meet us out somewhere all “made up”. Then when you eventually make it home together, you’re taking out the fake hair, taking off the fake eyelashes, plucking out the fake color contacts, and washing off your fake, colorful face. They don’t know who the hell they brought home now. Poor guys… Someone recently told me you attract what you put out. Well if you’re putting out all of this fake shit what do you expect to get back? Think about it…


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