Uhhhh Looks Like a Black Woman??

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Looks Like a Black Woman??
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So April has arrived! Time for a new topic of the month yay :)! Now what do I mean by “looks” like a black woman? Where o’ where do I start? Well there are many inspirations behind this month’s topic. To be straight forward, I am surprised, saddened, and even a little disappointed at the way black women are transforming themselves and the way we are portraying ourselves on TV today.

Now, I am all for switching up your look from time to time. I, myself, have dabbled in weaves and worn my share of wigs. I even wear a little makeup from time to time. Who knew :o! However, I think there’s a problem when a woman has done soooo much to her natural look that you can’t even tell what the hell you’re looking at anymore. Ridiculous weaves that only she thinks are passable, layers of caked on makeup, skin bleach, fake eyes, fake eyelashes, fake eyebrows, fake nails, and don’t get me started on plastic surgery. All I see is fake everything everywhere I turn.

Now, I want it to be crystal clear that my intent is not to hate. I just happen to love myself in my natural and I just want other women to love themselves the same. So I apologize in advance if I become overly passionate, but I have a lot of strong feelings about this topic.

I am not talking to the cosmetologist whose trade and/or passion is transformation. I understand that is an art. I am talking to the women who make these alterations to themselves because they are unhappy with their natural skin color, their natural hair length and texture, their natural eye color, etc. I am talking to the women who associate less than straight hair, less than white skin, less than perfect bodies with all things derogatory. I am talking to the women who go through these extremes of overkill because they are trying to be anything other than what they were born as…BLACK!

Being a real woman is an art mostly pleasant, but demanding some skills and knowledge. As we all know, there are no unbeautiful women, there are women who don’t know that they’re beautiful. 

 – Unknown quote  

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have been and still am a licensed cosmotologist/beautician for many years. I’ve had lots of fun with the different hairstyles, relaxers, colors, wigs, make-up, etc. I now wear only a nautral hairstyle , because it works for me. However, it too saddens me to see that still in this day and age, our beautiful black women and some men are soooo afraid to be natural. I so often hear from women, “I’d love to wear my hair natural, but I’m scared”. Scared? Scared of what? The scary part should be the chemicals used in and on our bodies. And please, please, let our young daughters know that it’s beautiful not to mention HEALTHY to be natural!!! I could go on and on with this one, but it would take some serious deprogramming and a couple of history lessons. If you’re able to, check out the video “400 Years Without a Comb”

  2. Buckethead says:

    I agree with you 100%, Jewel. Being our natural selves is the cornerstone of progress. The American black race’s inability to “just be ourselves” may be the reason why we haven’t moved in quite the direction that our civil rights predecessors had in mind.

    Many black women have been conditioned to look for beauty influence in white women. It’s going to take years of self-acceptance to come to a level of agreeable physical standards that the black female population has no problem adhering to. Similarly, many black men are also conditioned to “want” white features, hence the conk of the 60s, the geri curl in the 80s and the rise in bi-racial babies in the 90s and early 00s.

    Like you, I love me from my hair and skin, to my eyes and big forehead! Whoo!

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